My Weight Loss Journey

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Hey friends!!

Most of you know I am working HARD to get this extra weight off me!  I’ve had five children over the last 21 years, and enjoyed food a little too much, especially anything that was sweet!  I struggle with overeating, and it’s really hard for me to put that dang fork down sometimes! But, if you didn’t know I’m on this health kick, come follow me on my Instagram and watch my progress!! I’d also LOVE to inspire you to start your own healthy journey…which is actually my ultimate goal with my Instagram accountability!  Most people have friends who keep them accountable, and I actually have quite a few friends that are doing this or another program and touching base pretty often, so it’s super awesome and I love my goal buddies, but I also needed a personal accountability, which is why I went to Instagram!  There are so many cool people I’ve met through this brief journey as well, so be sure to click on my followers or people I follow and check some of them out, or even look up the hashtag #fattofit, or some of my other hashtags and find some people on the same journey!

So anyways, I just posted my 3 week stats from my T-Tapp Bootcamp, and I’m SUPER excited about them!! I’ve lost a whopping 13.25″ from my body in just 3 stinkin’ weeks, and that has of course motivated me even more to KEEP GOING!!!!

In case you aren’t on Instagram, here’s a shot of my results so far…



Now, as you can see, I started this Bootcamp per Teresa Tapp’s Book called Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.  I’m doing the one that says to lose 4 or more clothing sizes 😉 If you would like to get the book and join me in this journey, I invite you to Purchase Fit and Fabulous Today!!!

She is a world of knowledge, and I’m so excited I found her workout program and this book!!

Now, she talks about doing a God made / Man made eating plan, which I haven’t completely adhered to, so that needs to change, and I betcha I’d see some more weight loss!!

She also talks about how she created the program, and made it especially for people who need a rehabilitative approach along with weight loss.  So, if you have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or some other auto immune disease, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out!!  Heck, I bet it’s at the library, so go check it out and get to reading AND implementing the moves that are in her book!!!

If you want to jump into the specific workout I am doing, Visit the T-Tapp Store!, or get the T-Tapp Total Workout that I’m doing and jump in with me!  It’s a little difficult at first, and you want to throw something at the television for a few days, but keep pressing play, keep doing the moves, because IT GETS EASIER!!!

When you decide to join me in this journey, hop on over to my Facebook page and let me know!! I’d love to be your accountability partner!! And if you think you can’t, or you’re too overweight, or not fit enough…YES YOU CAN!!!

Big Hugs & High Fives!!









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